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Your Truth may not lie in crystals, astrology or past life regression, purveyors of which you’ll find in abundance in the quirky, New Age capital of Sedona, Arizona. But you are guaranteed to experience an overwhelming, maybe even mystical sense, of exhilaration in the presence of Sedona’s ubiquitous red rock mountains and cobalt blue sky. Not only is this area nature’s visual masterpiece, but the rock formations are said to emanate an energy—call it psychic, spiritual or scientific—that makes it what thousands believe to be one of the planet’s most intense “power spots.”

Sedona’s legendary red rocks instill at once a sense of wonder, especially when seen from a jeep on a backcountry tour. There are several to choose from; The Vortex Tour is most intriguing. Journey across rugged terrain through scenic canyons, juniper forests and prickly pear cactus, on a wild, rough and tumble ride. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for seekers of nature, heritage and spirituality. Explore the mystery of the four energy spots in Sedona, where thousands of people have supposedly had incredible metaphysical experiences, including enhanced psychic abilities, visions, weight loss and healing.

Power shoppers will love Sedona, with its dozens of fine art galleries, elegant boutiques and restaurants. Stroll Tlaquepaque; a charming Mexican-style shopping plaza inspired by an actual Guadalajara village. Across from Tlaquepaque is the Center for the New Age, where, if you’re so inclined, you can have an artist paint a portrait of your Spirit Guide, have your aura photographed and regress to your past life.

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