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It is a postcard perfect metropolis popular for culture, cuisine, and picturesque views. With a breathtaking mountain scene visible from any vantage point and lush vegetation, Seattle has been nicknamed “The Emerald City.” With an ever-expanding art scene it is no wonder that Seattle is a major supporter of a variety of differing cultural organizations such as the Seattle Opera, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Seattle Symphony and a score of theaters and galleries. Boasting diverse attractions from the traditional farmers market to trendy boutiques and high-tech hotels, and even to quaint little coffee shop that offer the perfect blend of coffee, this emerald city has something to sooth everyone’s soul.

Known for its consumption of coffee, obsession with flannel and sparking of the grunge music fad, Seattle is no stranger to trend setting. Birthplace to Microsoft and, it has always been part of the innovative evolution. Seattle may be a big city but it also has the best of both worlds with an entertaining urban playground and an expansive outdoor haven. Escape the buzz of city life with a hop, skip, jump… or maybe just a hike away. Bask in the stillness of Mount Si on a nature hike through ultra-green forests or enjoy kayaking around Puget Sound.

Whether it is for urban or rural delights, no visit to Seattle is complete without a trip to The Emerald City’s most recognizable landmark, the Space Needle. The panoramic view from the observation deck includes Mount Rainier, the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, as well as Lake Union (the lake made famous in Sleepless in Seattle). This Washington city offers a wealth of outdoor adventures for the nature seeker such as kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. However, it also is a significant center for urban programs that are educating and entertaining for art enthusiasts. Seattle is the perfect blend for the city dwelling nature seeker.

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